Company Live Media הוקמה בשיתוף פעולה בין שני חברים מתחומים שונים של אותו המקצוע כדי להנגיש לכם את השידורים מכול מקום ומכל אירוע.

We do not care if it is small or large because you deserve the best. We know how to meet every demand from one camera to countless cameras from live broadcasts to social networks to satellite broadcasting, we have over twenty years of experience in photography and with seniority we have accumulated extensive knowledge and acquaintance with many of the best professionals in the field which gives us a significant advantage. The customer.

We come from the field of film and television, and do our work out of a passion for the profession, "choose the job you like and you will not have to work more one day in your life" a sentence that accompanies us in life.

During the Corona period we discovered how much our service is needed and we are happy for your choice of us.

This time gives us the opportunity to become more efficient and develop into new needs and a diverse clientele.
Shlomi Biton - A graduate of Kinneret College majoring in photography, two films he shot as a student came to Channel 2 and were at several festivals in the country.
In the field of video and stills, Shlomi rented professional equipment and managed a film and television studio that filmed clips, commercials, and scenes from several films shot in Israel.  A veteran stills photographer with a long record of studio photography, luxury products and advertising products And modeling photos in all terrain conditions.
His acquaintance with the world of video and stills, which in recent years has connected to one camera that today provides a solution for both worlds, brought him back to the world of video that he studied and dealt with professionally and ignited the desire to connect with Liran to break personal boundaries that will benefit clients.

Liran Simon Graduate of Tel Hai College, majoring in Communication and Television.
During his studies, the "helicopter disaster" occurred and there he began his "affair" with the professional press.
Initially with the Broadcasting Authority as part of the "Multicam" company in the north and later with B'Tselem, an editor and sometimes even as a reporter.
In 2004, Liran began working for Channel 2 News, first as a video editor, then as head of a Knesset channel, where he was an active partner in the planning and transition to the first TAPE LESS broadcast in Israel.

Later Liran moved to MCR (MASTER CONTROL ROOM) as a broadcast supervisor, where he took part He also conducted countless live broadcasts, which were part of the history of the State of Israel.
Many news and others.
In 2016, Liran moved to work on the international channel i24, which is broadcast simultaneously in the United States and Europe.
As part of his work at the channel, Liran was responsible for the Jerusalem area in all required frameworks, production, photography and international live broadcasts
Establishment of broadcast stations on all existing means of transmission, satellite, fiber, and Internet (LIVEU, etc.).
In 2018, Liran began working for Channel 20 as the channel's technical director, in which he promoted and developed many and varied means of transmission.
With the outbreak of the Korna and many changes in the institutionalized systems, Liran decided to leave the big channels, connect with Shlomi and go out into the world independently, disconnect from the world of journalism and bring the vast knowledge and experience to the company's customers.